Wednesday, March 16, 2005

You're nicked son ( II )

An update in regard to arrest of the drunkard in you’re nicked son, I received the lab results today. As the Intxometer (EBM) was faulty a blood sample was taken.

The lab reported that his levels were 151 mg which is well over the limit. As a result of this I started to prepare my case papers for his subsequent charge when he attends the station in a few days time on police bail.

In order to bring a charge against anyone case papers need to be done and presented to the CPS (Crown prosecution service) who we now work in partnership with allegedly.

So this is how it goes, I prepare and MG3 and an MG5 which are a case summary and presentation of evidence against the defendant and the rest of the case papers which all in all take about 3 hours to do I then dutifully email the CPS saying I am about to Fax over these to them to evaluate and respond with there annotations. I fax over the reams of paper (In this day and age why they cannot accept word documents I do not know) and then I phone back after 20 minutes as per guidelines.
I then speak to a CPS person who to be quite honest I haven’t a clue of there position or qualifications as they don’t tell me when I ask as its “Not relevant officer” and then refuse to tell me there name and that “someone” will contact me in the next few hours.

So I um…. Go get something to eat while I await the all powerful CPS to tell me to charge this dunking fool with driving over the prescribed limit, some thing I knew would be the case anyway, however of course I took great pains to evidence the gentleman’s actions at the scene so much so that surprised that I was they were unsure that they might charge him to been unfit to drive through drink or drugs.

I phoned back again after a further hour and they still haven’t decided what to do.

It is now 40 minutes before I have to go home. The defendant isn’t here, he is probably at home asleep, The sector sergeant is giving me the evil eye for been in the station so much tonight, but its ok as we are flush with body’s today and he can see me doing case papers and statements etc, and all I want is a bloody MG3 charge decision for the case papers so I can bung them in to the file and have them ready for when he comes to the station as I will probably be out and about for his bail to return and I want the CPU (Case progression unit) to deal with this silly sausage when he gets back.

Oh I also processed him for failing to observe a red traffic light and driving not in accordance with his licence and not having an insurance policy etc etc. I will be at his court hearing in my smart uniform oh yes!

- Time to go, still no reply another call and I am told I will be faxed the answer in the morning. Gosh that’s really effective use of police time. Bah !


(aeropagitica) said...


There are some grammatical errors in this blog entry that I would like to correct:

There = location. i.e. "The police station is over there."

Their = third person possessive. i.e. "I interviewed the suspect and established that their alibi was true."

Body's = Bodies. If a word ends in y with a consonant before it, then you drop the y and add -ies to make it plural. Contractions have an apostrophe (‘) where letters are missing. It is a shorter way to write two words together.

thinblueline said...

Thank you.
I am still learning english.

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