Friday, April 29, 2005


I have just finished a two-day course on how to gain entry-using force to Mr Blaggard's house, or as its known by its correct term Method of Entry training, (MOE).
I must say, it was fantastic learning how to use door rams and the enforcer as well as other specialist tools to gain entry “Hollywood” style to a venue. So many types of doors and so many types of locks as well as understanding the need to get in quickly and safely the whole legislation and powers and laws in regard to using said force to gain entry was a great refresher for myself.

For reference the main power of entry is under PACE (Police and criminal evidence act) and it states that

Section 17(1) of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 provides that you may enter and search premises for the purpose of:

  1. Executing a
    • Warrant of arrest issued in connection with or arising out of criminal proceedings, for example where an arrest warrant has been issued following the failure of a person to answer a summons
    • Commitment warrant
  2. arresting a person for an arrest ableoffence
  3. arresting a person for an offence under:
    • Section 1 Public Order Act 1936 (Prohibited Uniforms)
    • Any enactment in Sections 6 to 8 or 10 Criminal Law Act 1977 (offences of entering or remaining on property)
    • Section 4 Public Order Act 1986 (fear of provocation of violence)
    • Section 76 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 ( failure to comply with an interim possession order)
    • Section 163 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (failure to stop when required to do so by a constable in uniform)
  4. arresting a child or young person who has been remanded or committed to local authority accommodation under Section 23(1) of the Children and Young Persons Act 1969
  5. recapturing any person who is, or is deemed for any purpose to be, unlawfully at large while liable to be detained in a prison, remand centre, young offender institution, secure training centre or (in the case of a child or young person guilty of a grave crime) any other place
  6. recapturing any person who is unlawfully at large whom you are pursuing
  7. saving life an limb or preventing serious damage to property.

Section 18(1) of PACE provides that you enter and search any premises occupied or controlled by a person who is under arrest for an arrestable offence, if you have reasonable grounds for suspecting that there is evidence on the premises that relates to that offence, or to some other arrestable offence which is connected with or similar to that offence.

There are other powers under the Fire act for entry but I though I would cover the biggie above

Saturday, April 23, 2005

days off

I have had a spell of days off these past few days
and have been catching up with mates and people I haven’t seen for quite a bit this of course means that I have mostly been drinking sol larger to large and excessive amounts, its is good.

I also note spring has arrived and the ladies are already in short tops.


Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Marathon

Ahh the marathon.

The finest example of physical fitness and an enjoyable day out for many of the fun runners who raise so much money for worthwhile causes that mean so much to many.

This was my first "Aid" day. This meant I was off borough and was allocated to aid local police in crowd and traffic management during this event.

The day was fantastic, bright sunshine from the early hours and during the event clearly shows now on my sunburnt face! Mind you I was wearing my heavy met vest and lovely yellow reflective jacket meant that I too probably sweated as much as the runners! But I know my feet will hurt less!

I was stationed not far form the half mile mark and the crowd was in good nature and cheering on there respective family and friends along.

Then it all went horribly wrong. First even though the road closures are well advertised and local residents well informed regarding roads and times, yet time and time again I had to deal with rude, obnoxious and plain ignorant people in there cars who tired to bully and intimate me in trying to pass trough not only past road cordons but actually wanting to cross the marathon route.

It got so bad at one point I ended up arresting one male under Section 25 for causing an unlawful obstruction of the highway. I was not impressed by this individual who had driven his car forward into our police bollards and was revving his car engine and shouting loudly to “ get out of the way I’m coming thru you cant stop me.”

Well I did. This male’s action not only put me in danger of injury but also put the health and safety of marathon runners in danger. After his arrest the handy “snatch Squad ! “ read Territorial support group arrived to convey this male to a local police station and I was back to the marathon after 30 mins booking him in and making my notes of his arrest after handing him over to that stations Case progression unit.

Then half an hour after arriving back on my post, one of the members of public close to me passed out with which I though was due to the heat! Sadly not. He was having a cardiac arrest. I must admit CPR is bloody exhausting, and you only note the tiredness when the ambulance arrived.

I went with him to the A&E department, and started to write my notes, more out of fear that the male would pass away and these notes would be valuable to any coroner’s court that may follow. Three hours after arriving at the hospital I was relived to be informed that the male was now comfortable and was likely to get through the incident. The A&E consultant who over looked the case, even stated that he would be sending a letter to my inspector , and the family of the male that my administration of CPR at the scene increased the likelihood of him living. Nice and as head spinning as that sounds.

All I did was my job and was the reason I joined.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Basic +

Well I had a surprise today,

The station driving instructor took me out during my tour of duty last night and at the end of the assessment and checks also with the stations inspectors approval I have been signed off and granted the driving status of Basic Plus ..
This was more than I expected to be quite honest.
What it means is that not only can I now drive the panda;
I can also drive an IRV (Incidence response Vehicle) in a non response mode!

At least now I will not get funny looks in the tiny small panda when I get out of it, as they are quite tiny and small for my frame!

yay !

Monday, April 11, 2005

Basic driver

I have been buckling down at work over the last few weeks and volunteering for all manner of long boring and unpalatable work going.
I have my mobile phone number entered in the little black book for emergency call out overtime and getting stuck in left right and centre all over the station.
The reason for all this hard work?

To get my basic driver car check test done.
Yes I grow tried of walking the beat all ready - my poor meat plates are in bits!
and I quite fancy been more an assets to the team if I am certified to drive at least the panda!

Burglary investigation car posting here I come!

I got the news today that my application has been signed by the team inspector and now I just await the stations assessors email for a date for the check test before the end of the month.

Hopefully this shouldn’t be to difficult and once done and passed I will be out and about in the little panda going to non urgent calls and getting more involved in police work.

Friday, April 01, 2005


I have been studying hard for my ATU exams.
In the Met probationers have to sit six further exams and training weeks after Hendon.
Pass mark is 75% for each of the exams and you need to pass all six exams to finish and be confirmed as a constable at the end of your two years.

Each week long training set is ended with an exam on the Friday and it builds on further finer points of law and legislation as well as mandatory training.

It’s not easy to study for exams during the working week on the 12 hour shift pattern and I suspect quite a lot of people do exactly what I did and study the week of the training!

Anyway I digress,
I passed 92% Woot!!

Back to work tomorrow!

Investigations - 183 | Crimes Solved- 85 | No Crime - 47
% Detection rate - 46.4 % (Counting year April 08 )

Investigations - 129 | Crimes Solved- 53 | No Crime - 36
% Detection rate - 49.3 % (Counting year April 07 )