Saturday, January 28, 2006


Well lucky me,

that's it folks, all the paperwork has been signed and stamped.
As of a few days ago I was properly confirmed in the role of police constable.

Let the party and drinking commence.

So what now, Well I am working with the suits at the moment, which appears on the face of it more adult and practical police work. (less of the knee jerk reaction to graphs and tables)

The last few days have been busy busy busy , working weekend on with just the team of four and the Ds. I am not quite sure if I want to write about what's gone on, its hardly exciting stuff just getting down and arresting and processing members of the public who have committed offences. There is just one thing I will never understand tho, why do they lie even when we tell them (sic) we have all the evidence to hand. Is there some secret I am not privy to ?

Friday, January 20, 2006

Ms Dynamite sentenced

So Ms Dyamite has been sentenced,
The result.

To Pay £50 Costs and a £500 fine, a £750 Compensation to the constable assaulted and 60 hours community service.

Now before we all get on the moral high horse, personaly think that's a fair sentence for an open hand slap across the face.

However, time and time again we have examples of those before the judiciary getting a low level fine and been told to be quite that the personal financial background limits the level of fine as well as the powers of the magistrates court.

Hang on - you telling me that she could only afford this ? £1300 !
I think some one needs a tax audit.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


The regular Officer safety training days are also used to address changes in the law and predictable updates on health and legislation also if any changes have been brought in to current methods or changes is policy.
After all it will Officer safety training classes that will inevitably be responsible for training in any new personal safety equipment - they do the firearms training for using CS spray.
So my little fuzzy brain wanted to ask you out there in number of hours - how many hours a year do you think we are currently trained and how much do you expect us to be trained ?

oh and Officer safety training is not the same as the emergency life saving training we get.

Ps. where is my taser?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Manor

The daystar burns my eyes. Yes I participated in a late night session with the other suits. It was proportional, it certainly was over the legal limit, I think the Ds & Di were definitely accountable for the state everyone got into and it was most definitely necessary.

Team bonding. Yes it is a lovely thing.

I am quite fortunate I think as the Team I have joined have all just either transferred in or moved over to the station to add a new team to the departments rota - The only exception was the DS & DI who I knew quite well from the 6 months working in the prisoner processing team.

I feel a bit naked going to work in a shirt and tie that is not white and black. I also feel a lot better that I am not in a uniform and that I am that little bit more approachable .(Yes I have had comments about that ! ) So far I have ducked any major work due to clearing my workplate from Christmas however this will be my first weekend "on" where I will be working a 10 day stretch over the weekend. Cross your fingers !

Now where did I put that aspirin ?

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Dynamite coughs up

So little Ms Dynamite puts her hands up and pleads guilty to the offences of assaulting a police officer and disorderly conduct yet her brother Kingsley Daley pleaded not guilty to a charge of obstructing police !

she's back on Tuesday for sentencing !

I know a lot of people must think its appears to be a bit trivial however even officers have the right to work in an environment and expect not to be assaulted every waking moment of work.

Yes it is a robust role, however those in the public limelight and are current youth role models cannot be excused of this sort of behavior which is clearly alcohol fueled

This is not the first time Ms Dynamite has been touched by the law for assault. Back in SeptemberMs Dynamite had a brush with an allegation of assault that the police declined to prosecute Ms Dynamite for.

Lets see what the good old judiciary come up with.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The long ride

It was only a few days ago I wrote about the danger of cycling.
What a tragedy on Sunday the deaths of the cyclists in Wales, my thoughts and wishes go out to all their family's,loved ones and friends

While it appears to be at this stage a tragic accident we should never forget that metal is stronger than flesh.
The roads are a dangerous place and should be treated with respect and care.

I noted when I spoke about tickets for those who commit road traffic offences on pedal cycles and motorists who blatantly ignore stop lines I got a few interested readers from cyclingplus
I read the forum and posts on the subject and while I agree with many of the posts there I see the leak of the loonies seep in.

For the record - Police officers are people just like you. Until certain members of the public accept that and remove their own stereotypes of power hunger badge welding Nazi's they are no better than those who commit hate offences them selves.

I am probably going to get hammered for this post, but I detest all forms of hate crime and bigotry. The only people I dislike are those who commit offences, even then I treat them with respect and professionalism.

Be safe, be seen.
Wear your safety gear and ride carefully folks

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Dynamite result

Award winning rapper Ms Dynamite has been charged with assaulting a female police officer after a fracas outside a London nightclub.

"A 25-year-old was charged with assaulting a female police officer and with disorderly conduct on January 6," a Metropolitan police spokeswoman said on Saturday.

Ms Dynamite, real name Niomi McLean-Daley, won the coveted Mercury Music Prize for her album "A Little Deeper" in 2002 and has won a string of prizes since, including Brit Awards and MOBOs (Music of Black Origin).

The star's brother, Kingsley Daley, 22, was charged with obstructing the police, while a women, Carlene Godwin, 24 was charged with creating a public disorder in connection with the incident.

All three will appear before Bow Street Magistrates Court on Jan 13, police said.

LONDON (Reuters)

Now I ask you is this the type of basic disrespect and depths that today's young adults have. Great message you sent out there. Lets see what the magistrates do.

Bets and comments on the sentence folks...

Let it snow

Can you see what it is yet Rolf ?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

True to my word

I knew It would happen.

Out on enquires collecting CCTV and witness statements I was making my way back in the crappy little panda car and sitting at a red light with an advance stop line and green box when I noted another driver pull up along side me and drive slowly in to the green box and over the advance stop line.

oh dear.

I made eye contact with the driver and indicated pointing down at the road to draw his attention to the markings to which he blankly looked at me and started to slowly pull forward again.

The blue lights went on and I pulled the driver over on the other side of the lights
The conversation went like this ( abbrv for clarity )

Me. Sir are you aware that the white line is a stop line ?
Him. But there was no one in front of me

Me. The green area is for pedal cycles your driving a car
Him. yea so im in a hurry

Me. Inform the driver that he is getting a ticket etc etc
Him. Cant you find some thing better to do and catch real criminals

Me. Sir if you didn't commit this offence I would be. Here's your ticket.
Him. Drives off in a huff

Me. Gets back in car and drives off

2 hours later.

Control . Control to TBL - Oscar unit on speak thru to you regarding your last stop.
Oscar unit . yea that last stop and ticket you dished out ?

Me. yea

Oscar unit . yea well we have just processed your man for failing to stop at a red ats and a few others and PG9'd his car FYI.

Me. heheheh

oh the joy.

A Cowboy's Work is Never Done

Ride...I used to jump my horse and ride
I had a six-gun at my side
I was so handsome women cried
And I got shot but I never died

I could play if I'd do everything he'd say
Girls seemed to just get in his way
Those days we weren't considered fun
A cowboy's work is never done

He'd fight crime all the time, he'd always win
Till his mom would break it up and call him in
He was tough, he was hard, but he was fine
And he was slow 'cause guys like him were hard to find

Ride...I'd like to ride again someday
I think I still know how to play
I play games now but it's not fun
A cowboy's work is never done.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


So yea watching the news it appears that there is some complaint about the figures on the dna database

Pisst just a quick one, every police officer is also on the database as to eliminate any crime scene contamination samples. How many officers now is it ?

To be honest I think its a great tool, but a tool nonethe less that is tempered with investigation and judicial over view in the courts.

I wonder how every body else feels about this system ?

Oh and according to my lovely new 2006 diary on January the 4th 1981 British police arrested Peter Sutcliffe the "Yorkshire ripper" I guess that must have cleared a few crime figures.

So much for that

Well the best laid plans of men and mice etc.
today I have spent the better half taking statements from witness to serious crime no, wait sorry no such thing, I mean an Indictable offence.

If you read the odd police blog you may have heard reference to the Five part police statement and a good model it is as well. What you may not have had or seen/know of is the part were officers before taking a statement should make notes and then write the statement.

Today for two statements I took 4 pages of notes for the first statement that resulted in a 8 page full statement and the second I took 5 pages that also resulted in an 10 page statement

This took me 5 hours in all to take two statements! HARK I hear you cry how come ?

Well if you want a job done right..
These statements are going to be read by my colleges , boss, supervisors, CPS , barrister and a plethora of people involved in the judicial system that I feel its right to get as much details and clarity in them as possible.

Others would think I have wasted time. I don't think so.
During the statement taking I am also representing the face of the Met police to the witness and victims of crime. Been professional and meticulous is not wasting time in my eyes

So Mr Supervisor who thinks we can "bash out a quick statement , take you 20 mins" go boil your head.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to work

Well by now most of the working world will have been back to work or going back in the next few days if we were not smart enough or had any holiday leave left to take to work of those extra few mince pie pounds.

I have got my new time table, a desk, a phone and a empty four drawer filling cabinet and a new boss. A quick look at the Crime system on the old computer I also have 32 crime's that have been "screened" in to me to investigate. I just glanced at them rather than properly take a decent look today. I will make a start on the pile tomorrow.

I also have spend all my lovely chrimbo money in next snapping up all those shirts, and shiny trousers that will
befit my low level pay :) With a bit of luck I will be getting away from the detection game of volume crime the beat crimes department dealt with, no doubt there will still be the home office targets etc to meet but less of the pointless paper shift and report making for the records!. I have also finally booked my UK driving test since its just coming up to two years here and I need a UK license to progress in my police driving skills !

Happy new year and all that Jazz

Happy new year folks,
I wish you all a good new year and good luck in all your adventures and projects in the coming year.

See ya's all on the flip side ! TBL
Investigations - 183 | Crimes Solved- 85 | No Crime - 47
% Detection rate - 46.4 % (Counting year April 08 )

Investigations - 129 | Crimes Solved- 53 | No Crime - 36
% Detection rate - 49.3 % (Counting year April 07 )