Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Manor

The daystar burns my eyes. Yes I participated in a late night session with the other suits. It was proportional, it certainly was over the legal limit, I think the Ds & Di were definitely accountable for the state everyone got into and it was most definitely necessary.

Team bonding. Yes it is a lovely thing.

I am quite fortunate I think as the Team I have joined have all just either transferred in or moved over to the station to add a new team to the departments rota - The only exception was the DS & DI who I knew quite well from the 6 months working in the prisoner processing team.

I feel a bit naked going to work in a shirt and tie that is not white and black. I also feel a lot better that I am not in a uniform and that I am that little bit more approachable .(Yes I have had comments about that ! ) So far I have ducked any major work due to clearing my workplate from Christmas however this will be my first weekend "on" where I will be working a 10 day stretch over the weekend. Cross your fingers !

Now where did I put that aspirin ?

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