Thursday, January 05, 2006

True to my word

I knew It would happen.

Out on enquires collecting CCTV and witness statements I was making my way back in the crappy little panda car and sitting at a red light with an advance stop line and green box when I noted another driver pull up along side me and drive slowly in to the green box and over the advance stop line.

oh dear.

I made eye contact with the driver and indicated pointing down at the road to draw his attention to the markings to which he blankly looked at me and started to slowly pull forward again.

The blue lights went on and I pulled the driver over on the other side of the lights
The conversation went like this ( abbrv for clarity )

Me. Sir are you aware that the white line is a stop line ?
Him. But there was no one in front of me

Me. The green area is for pedal cycles your driving a car
Him. yea so im in a hurry

Me. Inform the driver that he is getting a ticket etc etc
Him. Cant you find some thing better to do and catch real criminals

Me. Sir if you didn't commit this offence I would be. Here's your ticket.
Him. Drives off in a huff

Me. Gets back in car and drives off

2 hours later.

Control . Control to TBL - Oscar unit on speak thru to you regarding your last stop.
Oscar unit . yea that last stop and ticket you dished out ?

Me. yea

Oscar unit . yea well we have just processed your man for failing to stop at a red ats and a few others and PG9'd his car FYI.

Me. heheheh

oh the joy.


hulver said...

What's a PG9? Confiscating his car?

thinblueline said...

PG9 Its a notice issued by a traffic officer when they find a fault with a vehicle that means that you have to take it "off road" until that repair is effected.

IE you cant drive your car :) till its fixed

Les. said...

I must be as thick as your driver because I didn't understand what you were talking about from start to finish.

Peckham PC said...

Good work, should annoy the idiot! Some people just never seem to grasp why they are getting stopped do they?

Anonymous said...

I have just re-read the account and, despite having been an inner city ambulance driver for 28 years, (and still doing it) I don't understand what it was all about...
'sitting at a red light with an advance stop line and green box' ??????
PG9'd his car FYI ????????????
I can only conclude that the purpose of this blog is for police officers to congratulate each other on giving tickets to motorists. It must give a lot of job satisfaction.

thinblueline said...

I will take a photo of the area and do a post explaining the offence shortly as It appears a large number of drivers who should know dont.

And its even more scary that some are ambulance drivers and dont know what an advance stop line and green box are. !


guv said...

My first ever speeding ticket, the woman said' Why aren't you out there catching real criminals?' This annoyed the hell out of me. One week later she was suitably embaressed when I turned up at her house to investigate an assault on her husband. Why do some public take it so personally?

Les said...

You are easily shocked.
Why the hell should I know what an advanced stop line is? Has there been a national newspaper campaign informing the public about advanced stop lines? If there was, I missed it.
My house has been burgled twice, my car has been vandalised three times, my son was assaulted in the street, my garden shed was set on fire, and my allotment has been trashed. Where were the police? Nowhere! All I can think is that they were all hiding in vans hoping to catch people entering advanced stop lines. Public support is haemorrhaging fast for the Police Force (sorry, Police Service) and your holier than though attitude towards fellow citizens might just be part of the cause.


trekker said...


Your comments confirm what many are saying on a different forum:

ASL Enforcement - any ideas?

Basically the suspicion is that many drivers aren't breaching the ASL out of any maliciousness, but rather because they are ignorant of the highway code. As you admit you are in this instance.

On top of that, contrary to what you say about the police hiding in vans, it seems that police very rarely give people a ticket - even though it carries the same penalty as jumping a red light altogether.

Sam said...

An ambulance driver doesn't know what an ASL is? That's frankly terrifying. It's bad enough that ordinary car drivers don't think about the fact that they are operating heavy machinery in a public space - for a professional driver not to know the rules that are designed to make that operation as safe as possible is ludicrous and frightening.

Les said...

TBL was simply shocked. Sam, however, is terrified and frightened!
I am sorry if your sleep is disturbed and your life tarnished by the idea of a stationery ambulance inside a green box rather than outside it. Life throws these things at you; you will just have to knuckle down and put your terror behind you. Failing that, try a bit of counselling.
I did add a few extra thoughts the other day, but despite being careful not to indulge in any personal vilification, my opinions were deemed inappropriate and the contribution was deleted. As it is a personal blog, I don’t have a problem with that. However, for those thinking they might be having a meaningful debate, I think contributors should be aware that contrary views to the established line are liable to be removed. But, that is the way the world works these days, isn’t it?

thinblueline said...

None of your comments have been removed from this site. I challange your statement -

"my opinions were deemed inappropriate and the contribution was deleted"

I do belive that you were reffering to another site. This post is clarifing that none of your posts here have been "edited"

Nor shall I edit/remove any post that is fair .

I do reserve the right to remove those that are illegal and defamatory or vulgar. TBL ! :)

Les said...

I accept what you say.
There must have been some kind of error when I left, or thought I left, my previous post.


Anonymous said...

Trekker said...

Come on then, Les - where's your 'debate' on the subject of you not knowing the Highway Code even though, presumably, your job would require you to do so?


M2KB said...

Well I've learned something as well today. While I never routinely sit in the ASL box (they're a sort of burnt Orange down here in Sussex), there is one particular set of lights where the sensors in the road are IN the box. If you want the lights to change sometime this week, it is necessary to pull forward and sit in the box... good forward planning methinks by Highways.

I was unaware however it was considered red light jumping to do so. Which I had to do last night as well. Poxy traffic lights around here seem to freeze up more often than my windscreen of late. I think I need to buy an updated Highway Code book...

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