Monday, March 06, 2006


Two years and a little bit more and May is looming on the horizon, its the time the new copper takes a look at where he or she is , and takes stock of where he or she wants to be this time next year.

Open posts and vacancies are advertised internally on what is called police notices, here lists of new police officers, transferee , resignations and other useful and interesting tit bits are recorded and published for all to pick over.

Of course on spotting something you quite fancy comes the inevitable application form and the associated paperwork !

They say a change is as good as a move, and thinking about that it always seems that the station is in a constant state of flux with new officers joining and those transferring to other boroughs and forces, even internal changes with department moves and promotions - it is easy to loose touch with friends.

With that in mind I have started a ball rolling about the old Hendon class I was with and looking to have some sort of re union or at least some form of pub bash... Yes yes , So what would make a good bash, I ask you ?

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