Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Red lights

If you think you can run a red light on your pedal cycle anywhere near me, be warned you will get a fixed penalty notice, and if you fail to pay I will come knocking to arrest you for non payment of fines.

This week I found out from the court on my regular visits that 8 of my last issued FPN's for failing to stop at a red light I issued last year to a number of pedal cyclist had not paid the court and failed to show on a summons.

So I applied for a few warrants today and arrested all 8 at their places of work and carted them all off to court. Harsh ? probably but it isn't my fault they chose to ignore the courts of this land. One gentleman employed by a large English bank decided to vent his anger at the magistrate and was found in contempt of court and was taken down to the cells to appear again tomorrow morning when he has "cooled his heels"

I note with interest today on the BBC news again about red lights and cyclists, well boyo's do it around me and expect a ticket.

nuff said.


R Mutt said...

Well done! They're a serious danger to the public when they zoom through pelican crossings on red, especially to old people and the disabled.

Chris said...

Excellent! Well done.

I wish forces up and down the country, especially in London, would have periodic purges on these fools. It would be gratifying to see these twerps targetted with the same zealousness as motorists often are.

I think they need hitting hard and often until they learn to ride with more courtesy and respect towards other road users, pedestrians, and the law of the land.

Bill Sticker said...

Glad to see someone is paying close attention to this anti-social behaviour. Certain cyclists in my area seem to think they occupy some moral high ground well beyond the law.



Xf said...

I don't often comment on other blogs but this, as you know, is a subject I get heated about.

Thanks for challenging these idiots. I have suggested they get tax discs and licence plates because all they do is use the roads we pay taxes for and abuse the law. I have seen numerous near-misses on duty and have attended a number of RTC's - some fatal - where cyclists have been involved.

My next posting deals with this issue.

I have added your blog to my list mate. Keep up the good work and stay safe out there - that goes for ALL good coppers in this country.

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