Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lucky Tamba Dube

Lucky Tamba Dube RIP

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Area Trace No Search said...

Hi Twining - we have a casualty:

Can I suggest a comment in support?

Anonymous said...

Hi there.

My name is Richard,I am a South African and came across your site as I was surfing the web, which I must say I find extremely interesting and informative.I have found it interesting to find out what it entails to be on the THin Blue Line and behind the badge and what it takes to police the UK's streets and how they differ from that of South Africa's.

I also was extremely touched to see that you had a tribute to the late Lucky Dube, who was taken from us so tragically due to the inhumane and atrocious high levels of crime that we are infected with here in South Africa. I am glad that there are indidviduals such as you that are spreading the light within the international community reagrding the high levels of crime we have here.It is sad to say that there is not a single day that goes by without someone being murdered,raped, attacked,hijacked, robbed or in some or other way become another statistic I do not think that there is a single South African who has not become a victim of crime themselves or who knows someone personaly ( brother,sister,mother or father) who has been a victim.

I know it is ectremely wrong to say but as South Africans, we have got to a stage where we actually laugh when we watch Sky news and see a crime that has been committed in the UK and makes headlines for a couple of days,it is sad to say that we have become so used to passing crime scenes and attending funerals of murder victims that it has basically become a way of life for us. We are prisoners in our own homes with more than 50 murders a day and a rape occuring nearly every 15 seconds we have become the crime capital of the crime.

Our Minister of Safety and security stood up and stated that crime is not unique to SA, he is very right .............. in every country you are going to get the individual who steals to survive but it is the violent crime that is a serious problem and has become a catastrophy, where a family will be massacred in there own home and a one year old baby will be raped by some idiot who thinks it is going to cure his Aids and then remove their genitals for traditional medicines usage.

Sadly if we do not do something............ some of you will become victims when you come out for the 2010 soccer world cup, I am sorry to say.

Sorry for the long political speech.Thanks for a great blog, look forward to reading it.

South Africa

thinblueline said...

Keep safe out there Richard.

To all readers, look after your familys and your friends.

Peace and goodwill to all

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