Wednesday, April 09, 2008


nice, fin - toodle pips


caramaena said...

You're not stopping blogging are you? :(

Best wishes to you.

Officer Dibble said...


PCSO Bloggs said...

Owww! And we just made friends!

Chrysalis Angel said...

Okay I need further information. Insufficient data...

For The People said...

A brother

Metcountymounty said...

2.9% drop in detections over the year??! that's outrageous, you should be ashamed!!!

Annette said...

Oh, please don't stop blogging. I so look forward to reading yours.
It's interesting.

But if thats what you have decided then o.k.
All the best for the future.

thinblueline said...

I did this blog for personal reasons, mainly to look over how far I have progressed in the job and some times to point out intresting bits of law.

English is not my first langauge, and over the last 5 years I have found that certain police blogs have gone down the militant , ranting woe is us route. I dont agree with that.

I think the police service is what you make it, I belive see and do make changes inside my job role and influence others to work better and

I have very little if any home office crap that is pushed on me , the bits that are , I ignore and carry on doing my job and no one shouts at me or has a "go" because I am good at my job, catching crooks and putting them inside.

The paperwork people bitch about is quite frankly insignificant, and they moan about 4- 8 hours to "deal" with a simple shoplifitng, sorry .. its a crime. and if it takes 8 hours or 24 hours or even 36 ! thats how long it takes, we have bail , street bail and a host of options in every case.

The issue on police blogs is mainly from frontline officers who are overworked and understaffed , underpaid and undervalued they are the dogsboddy go get and workhorses of the modern uk policem and they have a right to bitch at they way they are treated.

As a defective, I am a suit, sometimes seen as a barrier and a problem to the unifroms, but I dont see it that way . I see my job as making the uniforms job easier , I take on there "jobs" that are too complex to be sorted in a shift or a few hours, I plan the juicy raids and quality jobs they join in on

Most of all I make sure every body I work with has a bit of fun.

I have stopped blogging for a while as I hae taken 2 months rest away ( all that lovely annual saved up )

I am not sure if I will continue upon my return, maybe I will.

Stay tuned.

Investigations - 183 | Crimes Solved- 85 | No Crime - 47
% Detection rate - 46.4 % (Counting year April 08 )

Investigations - 129 | Crimes Solved- 53 | No Crime - 36
% Detection rate - 49.3 % (Counting year April 07 )