Saturday, October 25, 2008

See you all after March 2009

head down, hours to be put in , books to be read , mocks to be done, audio cds listened to .. later all


Annette said...

Look forward to seeing you then.
Take care.

Metcountymounty said...

Good luck, I've got a couple of mates sitting it for the next run and have been helping them with revision at work and a few who did it last time, just passed towbar and waiting for postings. Not for me at the mo but the online tests are quite handy!

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Area Trace No Search said...

So how'd it go?

Area Trace No Search said...

Come on, how do you reckon it went?

Results apparently out later this month.

thinblueline said...

ATNS , I hate to guess, towards the end I lost the will to live..

I hope I either scraped a pass or worse only dipped by a very small amount So I can take it again..

Here is 'oping for a pass.

However the question of do I wish to enter the world of towbar form filling is another one ..

Investigations - 183 | Crimes Solved- 85 | No Crime - 47
% Detection rate - 46.4 % (Counting year April 08 )

Investigations - 129 | Crimes Solved- 53 | No Crime - 36
% Detection rate - 49.3 % (Counting year April 07 )