Thursday, May 12, 2005

Drivers licence ?

I would love to tell you what I have been doing over the last few days, but I can't.
Good is it not :). I think so, instead lets talk about a bit of traffic.

Do you drive a car?
Do you have a full drivers licence?
Do you have insurance to cover your driving?
Is your car fully taxed and has a valid MOT (If required)?

How many people do you think in London don’t have any of the above.

And what do you think should be appropriate punishments for the above.

Answers on a process book and mailed to your local court please.

* Hint I will post a story relating to the above and the penalty the driver paid shortly.


Mosher said...

There are far too many idiots without the right documentation driving around Bradford. I know - I've had accidents involving them twice now.

The police here are powerless. The majority are in large families (I won't get into the race debate) who cover for each other and lie about the identity of the driver once the vehicle's tracked down.

Punishment? Jail time. Sorry, but what's the point of taking their license away if they don't have one? If they'll drive without insurance etc, then a slap on the wrist won't stop them. The only way to get them off the road is to make it physically impossible.

thinblueline said...

Hopefuly with the new powers available that the old take "your car from you" should make a few sit up and take note.

( "We plan to give the police the power to seize and destroy vehicles that are being driven illegally and to increase police powers to use new technology to make detection and enforcement more effective," said David Jamieson, road safety minister. )

I for one look forward to be able to make crappy mopeds of the hands of street robbers and have them crushed before there weeping eyes.... cruel ? lets wait and see.

ditdotdat said...

Since so many things depend on vehicle registration details being correct I really think that is where the focus should be. It should be impossible for a car to be driven around without there being one individual responsible for what that car does. So for instance if someone gets a ticket for speeding, or has a congestion charge penalty then there should be an immediate check to make sure that they the person on the reistration document is still the owner. If they're not then the car should be put on a wanted list and grabbed as soon as it's seen.

I've been wondering whether all these congestion charge cameras can be used for police enforcement or not. It would seem very sensible for them to automatically inform the police if they see a car on a wanted list.

Hey, how about this for another crazy idea? Every car registration has a number of security questions and answers associated with it, just like some credit card companies use for verifying large purchases. So when you stop someone and they say they're the owner you call in the registration and then ask them what school they first went to, or what colour their mum's eyes were. OK... I'm tired, I've been on nights.

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