Monday, May 23, 2005

Drivers license II

Thanks for the posts in regard to this topic;

On this occasion I had been posted with another probationer constable with even less experience than myself!
(Now that I drive, I apparently know what I am doing, NOT!)
I am going to call this fellow officer Pc Jacks (Old army term)
With Pc Jacks as my co-pilot in the fight against crime only due to the complete lack of any other officers on duty this week due to annual leave and rest days and the sector sergeant having a good old laugh at my expense.

We had allocated to attend damage only accident in which the driver of one of the parties vehicles involved had ran off from the scene with out exchanging details. So off we went at a nice respectable no rush drive to the scene. Upon arrival, it was clearly apparent that the accident was a very minor one and that no obvious offences had been committed to cause the collision, however since one driver had taken upon him to bugger off that made things a little different. Of course he left his car (with keys ) and a case of beer on the passenger seat at the scene and a quick check on the old police national computer gave his home address details of the registered keeper as a very local town flat, a few more checks and we were happy to toddle along to see if this was indeed the driver of the car at the time of the collision.

At this point I could see Pc Jacks eager for his first arrest this month and was rabbiting on about police powers and failing to exchange details , leaving the scene , ESd’s and what not , at least he sounded like he had the idea. I could see a world of pain coming up.

We got to the address of the registered keeper of the vehicle whose driver had apparently made off from the scene and Pc Jacks started to hammer on the door to gain the occupants attention. I lurked off to one side with my asp drawn and held down and behind my leg in the approved home office officer safety method, as I have a rabid fear of people coming out of houses with knifes that I have encountered so much in this lovely inner city estate of sunny south London in domestic incidents.

A shout of “FUCK OF PIGS IM NOT COMING FUCKING OUT “was soon to be heard from inside. I sighed and Pc Jacks looked at me as if he wanted to use his size 9’s in true met fashion and kick the door in and get the “bad guy” I of course persuaded a different course of action and called up for any other units available to attend . I was rewarded by a TSG unit responding as they had just finished there fish and chips in a local!

As the good and dependable TSG arrived so did my sergeant whose look on his face soon imparted his mistake of sending me out with Pc Jacks ( and me soon to be back on foot I imagine ) The TSG and my skipper decided that they were going to go in and get this chap and sort out all the mess now, as they made plans to do the deed, I tactfully pointed out that we had the house keys of the flat as the driver had left them in the car.)
After saving the Commissioner a few quid by not kicking the door of its hinges I also did a few further checks that we were not about to run in to some crazed gun nut or weapons freak inside. So the TSG kitted up and were ready to rush in and I got the keys ready to open the door, when an 11 year old girl opened the door to me and invited me inside to “help daddy cause he has got stuck in the kitchen window trying to climb out “

He was stuck. So stuck we had to get the LFB down to cut the window frame to get him out.

Now why had all this happened?

Mr. Stuck had been drinking the night before and was unsure if he was over the limit while driving the following day., (ESD was a Pass) he in a rush to get home and avoid been stopped by the plod had turned up the wrong way against a no entry sign and was turning down back on to an junction to be on the correct road when he ran in to the back of the other stationary vehicle.

He panicked and ran. He also did not have a driver’s license as he had been banned for 2 years for an earlier drink drive incident (Ban elapsed but no retest yet undertook) and as a result didn’t have insurance on the car. The car itself was a rust bucket heap which he told us he bought down at the pub for £100 notes. Of course, no Tax or Mot on this fantastic pub deal. So far, all summary offences with no power of arrest, until it dawned on me that he left his car in the middle of the road and on a dangerous blind turn had committed the offence of causing danger to other road users (Contrary to Section 22a of the Road traffic act 1988)

Pc Jacks had missed his arrest.

At court the following week in regard to Mr. Stuck he stood up before the Magistrate and then proceed to give an account so woefully and pitiful about potential loss of earnings and welfare and state of mental health it was akin to watching Wormtounge of Lord of rings. Then Pc Jacks and I gave our account of what had occurred.The Magistrate came close to using profanity.
They gave him 6 months to think it over, a 2 year driving ban.


Anonymous said...

If in doubt call the boss. If the bloke didn't swap details and made off, I thought that he was arrestable anyway i.e. Failing to stop and report an accident? Its always a laugh when you have 2 noobs out together. When something happens its always "Wait there sir while I consult with my collegue", which really means "I don't have a bloody clue what to do". Thats pretty much what being a special is all about.. ;)

thinblueline said...

Lennie It is arrestable but only if the accident is a personal injury one.
(Section 24 not withstanding)

Anonymous said...

Nice job - did it feel satisfying?

tinbred said...

daft question this but one I really would like to know the correct answer to - if there was no arrestable offence committed, and as far as i can see you had no way to reasonably suspect one had been, then exactly what power of entry to the blokes property did you have?

Anonymous said...

Surely no power of entry was actually used, but your question is valid as from the post it appears they were prepared to use it.

Although I think, but stand to be corrected, that making off from the accident without exchanging details is arrestable.

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