Friday, September 30, 2005

A pile of Compost

Woot ! Going Green !

A few days ago I saved up a few penny's and got my self a compost bin.
As part of my little effort to be more green and to aid in my plans for a home garden food grooming.

I also had to go buy a garden shredder as I am very lazy :)
After shredding all the cut branches and trees in my new garden I also added to the composter the freshly cut grass, for the last few days I have started to add the leftovers and kitchen waste to the composter after using the blender to smash it all up in to a pulp.

The first thing I have noticed is that once shredded all the kitchen waste apparently takes up less space ( crazy ) and that my rubbish bin is a lot smaller !

The composter has started to kick in and is generating heat ! woot !
I am at a loss to explain this sudden burst of wanting to me greener and the whole home grown food effort but now I am really excited by it all and I am looking forward to having nice little harvests of crop ! ( I might even have a surplus to give to friends! )

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