Saturday, October 01, 2005


Right So this is the overview of the garden as it stand as of now.

As you can see its currently dominated by the massive laurel tree on the right which over shadows everything in the garden as well as been a sun blocker .

This tree will die. oh yes. Its days are numbered

Also there is a very attractive ramshackle shed that has a pending date with Mr Sledge hammer.

Once the shed and tree are gone I will be digging up the very back of the garden to place my growing beds and a new potting/garden shed a little better placed.

I have started on a few sketch maps on the layout of the garden - and hopefuly by the end of the month I will have the tree and shed gone !


Argos_Employee said...

You are definately on the way to be a garder.

By the way, if you are getting rid of the tree, why dont you use it for firewood? Better yet, build a tree house!

Me and my overactive imagination.



Bill Sticker said...

You've got to do your demolition? If you ever saw the 1980's TV series by that name you'd better check your home and garden insurance for 'collateral damage' clauses.

Dont forget your body armour.

Bill Sticker said...

Oops, missed an HTML tag there. Sorry.



thinblueline said...

trust me I know what I am doing !

Argos_Employee said...

'thinblueline said...

trust me I know what I am doing !'

OOPS! The tree has fallen on my neighbours house! Blame it on the feral youths!

John said...

Don't know if there is such a thing in your local area but in Kent we have to get OK from local council before demolishing trees. You might want to check.

thinblueline said...

all ready done the tree had a lightnig strike apparently a few years back and needs to come down anyway

Scout said...

I'm sooooo jealous! I wish I had your garden... hmph

Scorpio said...

If i were you i would wait until the damn leaves have fallen of the tree, saves you getting lost in the foliage whilst climbing the branches to cut them. Oh yeah and don't cut the branch that you are either standing on at the time or the branch your holding for your balance! (unless you want extra time off work)

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