Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Aid, what !

Oh sweet b****, Aid, what does it mean. Well it usually means getting in to your nice clean crisp uniform and getting in to a back of a van with fellow cohorts and been whisked away to perform a public order role, all be it a sporting event, public gathering, a specific policing role or an operation.I will talk about operations. Getting up before the crack of dawn and huddled into a cramped room with dozens of other officers not necessarily ones you have ever met before and getting a PowerPoint presentation of an operation before the first cup of coffee and bacon sarnine is not my first choice to start the day.

Once all the assignments and the job roles have been handed out and having been given the “aim of to day is to …  “ it’s the dash to the canteen for the “operational feeding” bullet beans and toast whoo hooo. (You can feel the love) and then on the bus.

Get to where you are going and get off the bus.
Then get back on the bus.
Get to where you are going and get off the bus.
Then get back on the bus.

You can see where this is going.

Then you get nice juicy jobs like this or maybe even jobs like this which I had the pleasure of last year.

This is a different style of police work. This is public order. This is not your “bobby” on the beat and hey, this seems to be the way the drinking nights seem to be going at the moment thanks to the new drinking laws.  Of course we would not want to be soft on crime now would we! And we want to make sure that we don’t want to send out confusing messages to the public who of course all carry forms of ID that makes dealing on the street oh so much easer.

Don’t forget police powers of arrest all change soon !

I bet that’s going to hurt… I wonder if any one will bother to train us on these new laws or will we have to figure it out for ourselves as usual

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