Thursday, November 17, 2005

Chop Chop

At last the murder of the laurel tree and spruce tree is complete. It took a number of long hours to finish the job up and cut them both into little bits for disposal, as you can see I have only the carcass of the spruce to hide now and I think the neighbor's might have noticed something going on.

I highly recommend chainsaws to all those who need to 'cut up' any evidence but make sure you wear the appropriate safety gear and dispose off any potentially forensic evidence after the fact.

Now with both tree's absent from garden roll call the place will get a lot more sun in the afternoons and looking at the area now it is clear how much space that laurel was taking up. The shed however had a last minute reprieve as shelter for the tools and for me during rainfall at the whole hideous incident, however it has been served with a compulsory purchase order and it too like many buildings in the east of London is doomed to be demolished (In time for the Olympics of course)

Last night while flicking trough the 200 or so channels forced on me by SKY tv I saw my glorious leader Sir Ian Blair on the magic silver window in the corner. It was the Richard Dimbleby lecture and I watched it with mild interest befitting a serving met police officer, I will leave the debate of that to those who can place words more eloquently than I.

Alas I am also without my beloved bike this week as I have loveling placed her in for a service now that winter is clearly here on the doorstep, and I had to avail of public transport again this week. What a nightmare. I thought the rail network was getting better, yes sure the train rolling stock in nicer,cleaner safer and graffiti free, but byheck its still like getting on to a cattle train ! Overcrowded stuffy uncomfortable and degrading. People using the public transport system are still treated like livestock. It got so bad on one set of stairs I had to Identify my self as a police officer and take two well dressed business men aside and give them a dressing down for there pushing and shoving of others as they were in a 'rush' Good ole BTP officers noted the carry on and helped me and gave both a section 5 warning about there behavior and one gentleman remarked to the officer " bollox you cant fucking tell me what to do" and was swiftly taken away for his £80 fine. It appears that simple tact and courtesy is long dead in certain aspects of the gentlemen of London. I am sure he can afford the ticket judging by the Savile row suit


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Argos_Employee said...

Your garden is looking great!

What are you goint to do with it now?

Chrysalis Angel said...

I'm going through your older posts and have found a smile starting across my face. Good sense of humor!

Anonymous said...


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