Friday, May 12, 2006

Drinking and driving ... Again !

There must be some sort of "just in the right place" angel that has been following me lately.

On my way home from another day at the coal face of dirty CID work ( office lunch ) I was heading home on my motorbike when I witnessed a personal injury road traffic accident.

A cyclist was leaving a roundabout a short distance in front of me and was just about to exit when from his left a large estate motor vehicle failed to stop at the stop line and carried on to the round about at some turn of speed and knocked down the cyclist ... When I say knocked down it was more like sent flying into the air to be deposited with a bone crunching thud behind the car after traveling over the roof. I duly pulled over and raced over to the now prone former cyclist.

thankfully nothing more than a few scrapes and cuts, the driver on the otherhand staggered over to us both and reeked of alcohol.... This was at about 4pm in the afternoon midweek.

I placed a call on my mobile to the yard asking for an ambulance to check out the cyclist in case of underlying injuries and for a marked unit to attend to report and breath test this man.

He gave a positive result to the roadside test and was arrested .

It is a constant battle against those who think its ok to drink and drive, and those who have this cavalier attitude put others lives at risk more than their own.

Its quite simple, to figure out - Do not drink and drive ... EVER .. There is NO SAFE limit.


ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Excellent good catch that! Great that you stopped, most people simply drive past slowly staring to see whats going on (and thus cause another accident down the road)

Drink drivers are scum, there is NO excuse in my opinion, you know you have had a drink so why drive! It might have been ok many years ago but then so was beating up offenders . . . get with the times people!

Mike from Manchester said...

As a cyclist who risks this every day from the works and dweebs wgho seem ever more abundant on the roads, may I thank you. We need all the protection we can get. Cheers. From Mike in Manchester

Merys said...

i would never have a drink and get in the car - it's completely unacceptable. I've been driving for four years (off and on - ie not while at university) and lack necessary experience to even have a hands free phone conversation and drive, my passengers whine that I ignore them too!
I'd never be able to drink and drive - my conscience wouldn't allow it!

Dr. Nazli said...

TBL: do you have the same laws in the UK as in the US? Licenses are suspended for Driving Under The Influence and hefty fines. Though in my judgmental opionion, not hefty enough. Drunk drivers are the most selfish - no sympathy from me.

Keep being all that you can be! ;-)

Dr Nazli

Max said...

Good job! It is worth noting that under the proposed new draft of the Highway Code: if there were a marked cycle path at the traffic island, the cyclist would have difficulty placing a personal injury claim against the offending motorist. The CTC are campaigning against this new wording. CTC Campaign.

thinblueline said...

Max I have looked at the point you just raised, It still does not excuse people failing to stop at the stop line on entring the roundabout. So you would still have a case for careless driving.

thinblueline said...

Oh Yes indeed, Drink driving includes diqualification , fines and repeat offenders get custody.
The courts take a very very very dim view of this sort of carry on.

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

yes the courts do take a dim view which is great. First offence its usually about 12-16 months disqual, 2nd time its about 3 years but thats a rough estimate and cases vary, especially if you get Nick Freeman as a lawyer!

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

I got a drink driver last night he was young too and had it not been the fact he was driving very slowly on a roundabout looking lost then he would have got away with it! Will write a blogon it sometime

intellectual idiot said...

Slight confession my mother use to drink and drive.

Now with hayfever instead :P

I think we should adopt what they have in the land of vovlos,

cars which will not start if the driver is drunk.

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thinblueline said...

Removed some spam.. ^

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