Friday, June 09, 2006

I want to ride my bicycle

While doing a bit of research for my global plan for world domination I have come the conclusion that cyclists need to be regulated.

Yes you heard me.

I firmly believe all users of the highways and by ways must have in some form 3rd party insurance. Oh no I hear you cry...

I firmly believe that all bicycles should be registered and bear a unique registration code. Oh no I hear you cry...

Ideas and comments welcome.

( don't ask about how to admin it all - im not a civil servant )


hulver said...

Just what we need. More regulation.

In that case, pedestrians should be regulated as well. And those electric buggies old people drive around on. Those things are a menace.

And people who wear in-line skates.

And joggers. They don't look where they're going half the time.

And don't forget horse riders.

Merys said...

Personally, when walking the dog I have taken many joggers out purely cos the beast is too damn heavy!
As a motorist I kind of agree with you about cyclists though.

You see, you leave comments on my blog but don't leave an email address..... tut tut tut

thinblueline said...

:) I am in the process of securing a google mail address...

Merys said...

yeah yeah yeah, of course you are. What's wrong with like the rest of us use??

Anonymous said...

Don't think insurance or registering the bicycles will help. I think stronger enforcement or road policing in relation to cyclists and possibly forcing all cyclists to take the theory test. Possibly some form of practicle test, although I doubt this would be practical at all. There is definately an abundance of cyclists ignoring road traffic signals and riding on footpaths...oh well.

Even before all of that, lets sort out serious offences first before we persecute the users of our over crowded roads..

Bill Sticker said...


Need a google mail address? Drop me an e-mail and I'll send you an invitation.

As for cyclists, well, I've got my own views, some good, some bad. Maybe we should just let the stupid ones edit themselves off the highways?



MuppetLord said...

I also have Gmail...let me know if you need.

Bicycles registered and with unique ID code? Is that so you know who you've just run over as they blast through red lights?

thinblueline said...

.. I was thinking more like to be able to prove ownership and return bikes to their proper owners when they are stolen..

I only say this as i have 10 bicycles on my property list that I am about to dod. Shame really I would have loved to find their owners

I also found that I had to arrest two idiots who refused their details when I was issuing a penatly notice for going thru a red light..

I guess you get numb nuts in every form of transport

leomemorial said...

Hello, sorry, off topic here.

Our national police memorial just posted pictures of police week in DC. ics include tributes to UK officers as well as visiting UK officers.

However you must register, sorry, but we had some threats against our LE Assistants in the past.


iarocu said...

How many people are killed by bicycles each year? Close to zero.

How many people are killed by cars, buses, and lorries each year. Around 3,500 in the UK.

That's why motor vehicle drivers need to be licensed to ensure minimal training is undertaken.

I'm not excusing cyclists who go through red lights but its mainly motor vehicles that kill and injur other road users not cyclists or pedestrians.

My life - practical yet exciting! said...

Why oh why do we need to have yet another level of needless paperwork so that we can go out and enjoy one of the few pleasures left to us that doesn't require permission from 'Big Brother'.

In the Nirvana where I live hundreds of people ride their bicycles very responsibly. However we spend most of our time trying to avoid the blind, dopey car drivers who sit in their superheated tin boxes, eating junk food and listing to Radio 1 as their brains atrophy.

One of our favourite games in 'practical but exciting' world is to ride up beside Vauxhall Astra 1.4 diesel cars at traffic lights, wait for them to change to green and then......peddle like fury. By the time the Vauxhall Astra driver notices the lights have changed, we are long gone!

Score one for uninsured cyclists everywhere!

PS yes I do drive a car as well, it's a Clio (black 1.4 16V practical yet exciting) and yes, I do pull out for cyclists and horses.

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