Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Should we ?

Well, would you ? Should we ?

Is it an option for response officers attending a call ? Should we still have to rely on our excellent and well trained Armed colleges to make a dash from where ever they are to assist ?

Its almost one year on since the tragic incident with Jean Charles de Meneze, have we moved on?

How many more police officers have to be shot, stabbed and murdered before there is a change in policy ?


Anonymous said...

At the very least Taser. A number of times I would have rather deployed a taser then use baton or CS. It would have greatly reduced the risk to my colleagues and myself against a drunk assailant..

PC PotShot said...

I don't want to be routinely armed. I do want better protection, though. The Taser sounds like it can do the job of CS (unless there are multiple attackers, I would have thought) and the baton. I would like it to be added to our list OS options so that we carry CS, baton and Taser. As for firearms, rather than have AROs which can take from 5 minutes to hours to arrive, why not have trained officers on each shift who, if need be, can get authorisation from the guvnor and then open up the firearms box in the back of the car? Doesn't that make sense?

Charlotte Howard said...

Aren't Great Britain and Switzerland the only two countries left in the world that do not use armed police?

From a regular citizen's point of view, I personally think arming the police will force potentially non-violent criminals to be violent.

It would be nice to see the police (and other poorly-paid, underappreciated public servants) have to deal with much less bureaucracy and for criminals to serve all full sentences given. Imagine the paperwork if you shoot mistakenly shoot some poor guy in the ass....

The general said...

Tazer is the way forward man. I cant wait to have one, I have a long list and a long memory. he he

The general said...

I'd like my tazer to be silver though, not yellow.

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