Saturday, June 30, 2007

Knife Culture

Mr Stabby, la la la la .. goes the excellent song.

Operations such as blunt, involving knife amnesties and bins at police stations and other venues have had some success's , school educations, online video's , music , support groups , tv shows , even so far as an online game from the met police.

But still we have young men killing young men on the streets with knifes.

I have often wrote about the culture of the gun, and this is an equal and possibly even more devastating current weapon of choice for todays youth.

So, some say they carry a knife for self protection, and think thats ok.
Well it ain't , you are more likely to be killed by the weapon you carry.

In this day and age when pressures are placed on the judiciary and prisons, do we need a legislative change to deal with those who carry knifes ?

I know I have personally had many run in's with oiks and knifes , i have been slashed once on my forearm and stabbed in the leg , both times the courts only set a very lenient penalties to the defendant (Twat) , or is that the judicatories feelings towards those who police the streets ?

Many, many officers have died by the knife , how many more need to do so before we see a real change in government, law and protection for all in these times.

I'm all ears to hear the thoughts of others...


Ambulance Driver said...

"Many, many officers have died by the knife , how many more need to do so before we see a real change in government, law and protection for all in these times."

Well, I think this proves that outlawing classes of weapons isn't the answer. If someone is willing to knife a police officer, the fact that carrying the knife is illegal isn't going to be a deterrent.

On the other hand, if your officers were routinely armed with guns, there would be a lot less stabbings of police officers, and the ones who didn't learn that it's foolish to bring a knife to a gun fight would be removed from the gene pool.

Laws and polite discourse simply do not work on those of a criminal bent. They only work on the people who aren't a threat anyway - the law abiding.

That's my perspective as a member of the gun culture.

Thanks very much for linking my blog, by the way. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I was a teacher in NW London at a boys' technology college in Neasden. I asked my students why they shanked up and most of them said because they knew other people were shanked up as well and they didn't know if they would get 'beef' from other groups/gangs of people who were 'visiting' their area. I kind of had the feeling that they were just kind of scared kids at the core of it.

BelfastPeeler said...

I agree with the Ambo driver there.

But even if no one carried knives I still took a lad stabbed twice with a broken bottle to hospital the other night.

It's like Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic Park

"scroats will always find a way"

PC Bloggs said...

But it is illegal to carry knives, so not sure what legislation can do... Then again, when did you last see someone get the maximum sentence (3yrs off the top of my head).

Jack said...

I would suggest a work experience programme clearing land mines in Cambodia or the Falklands for wannabe gangsters.
(time spent in the Cambodian bush will teach anyone humility).

Surely the issue of knife and gun culture is a red herring?

We can see from research that there are specifically definably categories of people (age, geography, sometimes ethnicity), where this culture is prevalent, and there are specific didactic cultural sources of behaviour paradigms.
These cultures fill vacuums in people's lives, they provide kinship and leadership where there is none (often due to family breakdown).
The response of society should be to get into these zones of near-anarchy, take control, and actively intervene before things develop. Young people are so easily seduced by the instant power attained by possessing a weapon, or being part of a gang.

This is just a symptom of a range of destructive cultural influences (violent American popular culture) and destructive processes (mass immigration of aliens from war-torn parts of the world) permitted by a pseudo-liberal regime.
It's long overdue that they just have a moratorium on immigration and focus on the problems that have developed as a result of it.

From my experience I would say that crime motivation falls into maybe two (or three) categories: those who can't help it due to hard drug addiction and mental illness (sex crime, maladaptive violence); and those who can, which includes the (socially, culturally, & economically) ostracised.

Personally I see no logic in having time-defined sentencing, I think indefinite sentences are a better idea.
It's probably far more effective and fair to say: we release you when you are no longer a threat; and with a proper integration process including citizenship education; job/training; and state-run accommodation.
That way you keep your nonces and nutters locked up, and hopefully go some way to breaking the cycles of "mainstream" crime.

Another major issue - and I completely fail to grasp how this evades the attention of politicians - is access to alcohol... stop it being sold in supermarkets; shut down half the pubs and clubs (have a ratio of them per capita), and watch the Police and NHS time and money spent mopping up reduced dramatically.
Alright, there'll be some short-term unemployment in the booze industry, but it's worth it for society in the long term.
People obviously don't do half the silly things that might cross their mind in a fit of temper if there's no or less alcohol in their systems.

Perhaps even forcing pubs and clubs to serve food with every drink might help change the whole paradigm from that of a filling station to that of a little chef!

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% Detection rate - 46.4 % (Counting year April 08 )

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