Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Moved to Undercover

Well the lettuce has , not me !

I had a few hours to myself this morning as I could not sleep, and the early morning sunshine was to much to ignore.

I have relocated the young lettuce to outside now to harden off and grow to full bloom, I think it will take about 40 days before they are ready to harvest !

I have enough space for another Polly tunnel for the carrots which I will be planting at the weekend

The view from inside the tunnel already shows that they have taken to the early morning transplant and condensation from the morning sun is already evident.

Psstt... Anyone want some lettuce in late September ?

1 comment:

Chrysalis Angel said...

Aren't gardens the best? I hate the weeding, but love the plump juicy tomatoes and loads of carrots, when they are ready. I haven't had good luck with lettuce where I am, red leaf came out pretty good though.

I'm new to your blog. I hope you don't mind my stopping in.

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