Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A river wander

While on a spare few moments between shifts, I took a walk along the river and realised I had not taken any photos of the landscape of London since I moved over.


caramaena said...

Nice pics :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Wow, I love those shots. I have always loved walking by the water. Beautiful old buildings. Nice pics.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Hi Thin Blue Line - I've tagged you! I really hope you don't is a pretty good way to get out there for more readers though. This nice person tagged me, and I didn't want to not try to do it for her. You'll have to see what it is on my site, I've linked you - maybe it will boost your traffic? Hope you won't be upset. I normally don't do these at all.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Sorry to be taking up your comment section, but just encase you didn't know about the tag. I copied what the person who tagged me said for you, so you'd know.

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