Monday, November 05, 2007

CID Night duty, Now Don't assume the worst, I have covered CID night duty before however , up until now I was the skivvy bag boy running around after the DC / TDC .

The time of heady responsibility now looms over my head , as I embark on a 7 Night week of night duty of 10pm to 6am in South London with a brand new shiny PC who has come upstairs , bright eyed and bushy tailed as I once did.

Now I am the lead, the one who has to advise and direct a duty officer who probably has seen it all a thousand times before.

I sit here awake far to early , wondering if I have all the pens and pencils I will need, woolly hat - check. Cuppa soups, tea,coffee & sugar supplies I secured yesterday on a normal weekend on shift.

Its the 5th of November , I know it will be busy , I know it will in all likely hood be controlled chaos . I just hope I do not come across a complete idiot , I kinda like this job.

Wish me luck and don't say the Q word.


Area Trace No Search said...

Hope it's quiet for you out there.


(Said by a fella who was on earlies today and is now happily at home. Sorry.)

Officer Dibble said...

'Have a Quiet one'
It's like mentioning Macbeth to a thespian.
So 'have a Good one'

Chrysalis Angel said...

Always wishing you good luck out there.

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