Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sorry still a little bit racist

Would love to post a lot about the goings on recently but apparently I am racist , explains why I cancelled my membership to the BPA , they no longer speak for the BME element in the met and have there own agenda.

Should we have these quasi organisations anymore , are we not all police officers first ?

Is it time that all the " police associations " just be kicked to touch and we get back to just doing the job at hand ..

I have not seen , heard witnessed or been a victim of racism while employed by the met police , what am I doing wrong , I have been a victim of racism while working on the streets my members of the public ... but they don't count as I arrest them and send em to court, just like what I would do *IF* it happened at work...


Noddy said...

You should hear the crap I have to deal with....."oi you with the bell" I have told them it is part of my Toy Town ethnic culture, but they still abuse me and make me wear that silly checked hat all the time.

huggles said...

My friend tells me that police officers at Hornsey Police station in Haringey use organised stalking and harassment tactics to 'sort out' individuals. I thought he meant drug dealers and burglars but he clarified that most people dealt this way seem to be law abiding, ethnic minorities more and often black males.

As a juvenile, my friend who works locally at a garage, used to get into a lot of scrapes with the law. He has been asked to help out in surveilling and what he calls cocooning these individuals. He says that he thinks most are not criminals but appear to have annoyed someone for whatever reason. He also gets paid for his jobs.

Is there substance to this or is old matey pulling my leg?

thinblueline said...

You mate is pulling your leg, the only time we use "mOP" are when they are called CHIS Covert human intelligence sources, the rules around those are very strict and what you describe is not one of the uses -

We have harldy enough resources to detect and solve crime untop of crime prevention , public events and genreal duties to even have the ablility to do what you describe and to be honest it would be a waste of what little we do have

huggles said...

Thanks and I also think police would not do this without cause and with legit reasons. I have seen organised stalkers in action in haringey which led me to ask my friend what it was all about.

Killer said...

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Angelo said...

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