Saturday, June 11, 2005

Cream crackerd

After a number of foot chases this shift I have come to the thinking that I should leave
them to my operator, with all the kit we have to wear a lengthy foot chase is very very trying. I don’t mind the chase as I am fairly fit myself however after a 20 minute chase that then enters an estate with a multitude of stairwells well… lets just say the motivation to carry on is soon challenged!

Mental note to self - Must go to gym and do some more training.


Argos_Employee said...

Come and work at Argos in the stockroom. All that running around picking items will make you fit in no time and you get paid for it as well.

Anonymous said...

20 minute foot chase! You either work in a really big borough (eg. PY/KG) where help takes a while to get to you, or you were the only unit out. Or did it just feel like 20 minutes?

Anonymous said...

He was probably chasin kids who can teleport...god dam things. Who invented kids anyway?

thinblueline said...

dam estates and there warren holes of coridors and stairwells. :)

sady I was the only unit every body else was in for refs ! ( gits )

and it felts like an HOUR !

bloody youth !

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