Sunday, June 12, 2005

Got to catchem all

One of the best aspects of police work is the inevitable issue of karma

It is a given that what goes around ,comes around at least to my mind and today was karma for a certain customer.

After yesterdays annoyance of a negative foot chase I decided to float around the estate where I last saw my client. It was not long before I was soon graced by his presence and again a foot chase ensued. This time I had the upper hand and a lovely home office approved arm take down was executed and recorded on CCTV for video collection. This particular client is a well known robber and was wanted on warrant for failing to appear at court.

A nice result and arrest for myself.

You can run, you can hide, you might even get away, however karma does have a way of biting you in the ass!

Ps. I joined a gym today as well!


Striver said...

Whats Karma mean?

thinblueline said...

ohh how to explain Karma .

The law of karma,

' for every event that occurs, there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first, and this second event will be pleasant or unpleasant according as its cause '

Bascily every action has a result borne of that action and depending on the moral balance of that action the result will balance it out.

Striver said...

^That explains it. Thanks.
I was wondering coz the word 'Karma' sounds Asian...

Anonymous said...

nice nick. Your doin better then I am with the gym thing. Now you just gotta get yourself in the gym 3 times a week....

Silverback said...

I was wondering, for you fellas doing foot chases... does training in the gym help all that much? I was thinking about weight distribution of all the kit changing your running style vs what you would get on a treadmill.

thinblueline said...

Silverback - I though that as well,
since I dont use the gym for a "treadmill" but more resistance training for my legs and upper body - I have taken to running with my metvest on while cross training. Also a factor is the boots.
They aint made for running so I am looking for a qood quality boot thats light enough for the job.

I also will be meeting with a job ost/fitness dude to see if a change in running style had also been looked into?

Anonymous said...

thinblueline: Change in running style? Perhaps a Monty Python funny walk? ;)

silverback: I have no doubt that being fit and able to carry weight will aid you in a chase. You have to remember that the offender is running for their freedom and will probably be wearing trainers and twice as fast as you. The regular patrol belts we are issued are a bit of a pain. The torch and hanging radio are a pain as they constantly knock against your body whilst running. The weight of your belt goes all on your hips and can give you back/hip pain whilst running through rubbing or bad weight distribution. There are newly designed patrol belts that are coming out which are designed to mould to the shape of the hips rather then sitting on them. Wheather this will be adopted by any force I don't know. There are also special vests that you can buy that replace your patrol belt. These hold all your documents/radio etc on the vest whilst also having the correct flourecsent patterns.
In the miltary (infantry) we had webbing. This webbing was packed with pouches around the belt. The belt was connected to a backpack style shoulder harness (called a yoke). The yoke would redirect some of the weight from your waist to your shoulders allowing you to run more comfortably although making you more top heavy. You could also connect various backpacks to the yoke to turn it into a rucksack aswell (they called these packs Jet packs or day sacks). I doubt that the rucksack idea will catch on because of getting in and out of vehicles, but with the increasing number of documents we have to carry, you never know.

thinblueline said...

I can see it now...

Maybe I should just get a promotion and have a bagboy....

Silverback said...

Oh I'm sure the general increase in fitness from treadmill training would help ; I was thinking more that perhaps actual outdoor running with kit on might tune the body better for the job at hand.

On topic of boots, check out Hi-Tec Magnums, assuming they still make them. There were two versions, one canvas based, one leather. Not all that expensive as I recall, and mine used to get some real punishment when I was a paintball marshall for many years.

They were very comfy, didn't need much in the way of breaking in ( unlike the Pro-Boots I tried - ow ) and are very light weight. A couple of TA guys I know swear by them for general use, but they don't think they are up to BFT standards. Worth a try anyway.

I'm kind of surprised to be honest that the police haven't adopted some form of webbing, at least for foot patrols. Do they allow officers to purchase and wear kit like that, or do you have to stick with the issue kit? Maybe ACPO are worried about beat officers looking like robocop!

thinblueline said...

I own a pair of Hi-Tec Magnums while they are indeed light they still are boots!

I was kind of hoping for a hybrid trainer/boot and I am looking at a lot of the tactical swat boots from the states.

there are better belt kits and armour covers that allow you to carry the kit on the vest rather than the belt, but of course they all cost £££ :)

Anonymous said...

Hi There

About the Light boots im looking at the GS G9 addidas boots that the german special forces wear there light and strong.

Great blog!

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