Tuesday, June 21, 2005

ikky hot nights

It has been hot in london.
Very hot and one way of getting to sleep is a need for a fan or some sort of aircon
that or getting very drunk that you pass out ! har har .

I have noted that it is near impossible to find a room fan in any high street shop or mail order company. I guess its been a rush for them, and where have all the icecream van men gone ?

I blame Tony - its all his fault.


Keldar said...

I agree, its Tony's fault :-)

If it helps I have three portable and 1 ceiling fan at my house. Nice n cool :-)

Anonymous said...

I know it sounds totally horrible, but if you have an ice cold shower last thing at night you go out like a light. Works for me anyway.

fozzy fozbourne said...

I'm with whom ever is anonymous. I lived for a time in Brazil and sometimes that was the only thing that did it for me.

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