Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ho/rt 1

Ah back at work and back having hundreds of emails and correspondence to chase up on! I must admit I don’t mind the paperwork
(Shzzz don’t tell anyone I said that.)
its quite a feeling to complete a pile of it and know its done and gone

One of such items in the pile were some returned HO/RT 2 forms
a HO/RT 1 notice is what you may know as a producer. It is a simple one page form that officer fill in on the road side as a request to produce paperwork in regard to your drivers licence, tax insurance etc and other items in regard to been driving on a road

It is a legal document and you would normally get one following an accident or when a non-endorsable offence has been committed. If your vehicle has a defect, and as a way of checking that a driver holds correct and valid documents. There are parts of the FPN system that also act as HO/RT 1 notices but they will be explained to you on the roadside.

So once been issued with a HO/RT 1 you have
seven days to produce your driver’s license in person (both parts) at your elected police station. Failing to do so can lead to prosecution. (Other documents are explained on the rear of the form)

The HORT/2 is completed by the officer at the station where you produce your documents, this form is then forwarded to the officer who issued the original HO/RT 1
After a recent accident where a MALE had been knocked of his motorcycle after traveling down a bus lane and had broken his leg was one such recipient of a HO/RT 1 from myself.

He duly attended his local police station and produced his out of date Iraq international drivers license and then also offered an insurance document that did not cover the usage of the vehicle at the time and also upon checking the address I found out he didn’t reside at that address and was using it to reduce his premiums

Of course, this meant I ended up summoning him for a number of those offences
I like it went people think they can pull a fast one and think we don’t check or read stuff carefully
- Note to myself to check Immigration status on return tomorrow!

I look forward to seeing him in court!

HORT (Home Office Road Traffic Form)


Anonymous said...

Being pedantic, I know, but it's HO/RT 1 not HORT/1.

Do you not have a process section at your nick?

thinblueline said...

ug :) Corrected
The issuing officer still recives the HO/RT 2 before forwarding it to our traffic CJU unit.

power said...

I got one of these last week, I have not had one for more than 20 years, and that was in my days as a full time student, while mini-cabbing. I was stopped because I visited my family in a remote part of Wales and the very fact that an unfamiliar car was on the road at 1am on a Friday night was enough to arouse suspicion it seems. I was asked to produce my MOT, Insurance and licence.

My car has an MOT and Insurance, and the last time I applied for road tax on this same car, I did not need to show those documents because the search was done electronically. Also, I hold a full UK driving licence.

So, my question is, what was the point in issuing the HO/RT1? Surely they could have checked those details and the validity of my licence when they stopped me? I did ask why, but the officers said it could not be done.

In the days of computers, would it not save those officers time, paperwork, my time, my petrol to the nearest police station (my local ones were closed due to cut backs) if this could be done electronically?

Sue, if I was had an Iranian licence, the system would not find me and a HO/RT1 would make sense. But in my case, this paperwork seems such a waste of everyone's time, especially the police. Or am I missing something?

thinblueline said...

Sadly Joined up thinking with our partner agencys isnt a strong suit of our political masters who are to busy paying themselfs big fat pay checks rather than invest in the security of this country .

Ralph said...

Being pedantic...but it's 'licence' the noun, not 'license' the verb....

"These premises are licensed to sell intoxicating liquor etc....said licence is held by the licensee..."

Curious he actually turned up with out of date docs, sounds pretty thick. Was he an overseas student, doing media studies at the local poly?

The Tuesday said...

I need some advise ASAP Please!!!

I was stopped because my car insurance was not valid. Although i had literally that week renewed it. The policeman gave a "Producer" form.

On returning home that day. Called my insurer, they HADN'T renewed it yet, they were waiting for my go ahead! So i quickly got new insurance straight away and produced it at the local station. The policewoman said that would be the end of it.

6 Months later, i receive a letter asking me to go to court. My local police station say the other station must not have received the copy of the receipt of documents. So theyve given me a photocopy of it to send.

BUT, the actual date i was pulled over, i was not insured. I hadnt been for a few days. The day after i was pulled over, i realised, and renewed insureance straight away.

Is it going to be good enough that i produced insurance confirmation within the 7 days? Or is the fact that i was uninsured when pulled over, gonna mean i get prosecuted?

I need a response quick, i'm cacking myself!!


paul said...

What happened to you matt

Investigations - 183 | Crimes Solved- 85 | No Crime - 47
% Detection rate - 46.4 % (Counting year April 08 )

Investigations - 129 | Crimes Solved- 53 | No Crime - 36
% Detection rate - 49.3 % (Counting year April 07 )