Monday, July 04, 2005

Tony the tiger says G8 !

Hello !
By the time this post becomes active I will be on my way to Scotland and the G8 Summit !
Its going to be excellent ! I will see ya's all on my return !

Stay safe all.


Argos_Employee said...

Just make sure you give those protestors a good thumping! ;)

Gordonjcp said...

Ha ha ha... It's 18C at its coolest, and 25 at the hottest here, and incredibly humid. You lot are going to *cook* if you have to wear anything more than shorts and t-shirts, never mind riot gear.

I do actually feel sorry for all the poor sods who have to stand about and pretend to care about "protesters". I'm sure you've got real work that you could be doing, without this disproportionate bloody fiasco because a few USians feel a bit nervy.

Have fun when you're up here, and watch out for the pubs, they stay open later than you're used to.

Stu said...

Have a good time and try to remember the protesters are mostly ordinary, comitted young people who care about what they are protesting about and ***aren't getting paid out of the public purse to be there*** like the police.

Argos_Employee said...

I hope you are alright after what happenned in London yesterday.

Take care

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