Saturday, July 09, 2005

Never bend your head.

This week has been possibly the most challenging one I have experienced in my so far short spell in been in the police.

My first thoughts are with the bereaved and those affected by the incident.

Before I start I must quietly and with respect applaud the emergency services who acted with bravery and professionalism in
London. This could only have been possible with the increase in numbers of the police over the last 5 years and the preperation and training for this very occurance.

Stretched, tired but competent and professional in every effort the emergency services shone in there work over the week. I feel honoured and proud to be part of the same service.

In Scotland we policed not only peaceful protest which is right and proper and protected not only them but the residents of the area but we had to deal with a small minority who were intent on causing criminal damage , violence fear and in some cases willing to physically harm others.

Peaceful protest yes. Violence no.

In respect to the past few days a quote has stuck in my mind that I cant seem to shift

"Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world right in the eye."
- Helen Keller

Time to shower, eat and sleep tomorrow is another day.


Rhea said...

Blog hopping today and came across you, so hi!

I live and work in north east London so thankfully (selfishly) not directly affected but it's still a scary and upsetting time. I like the quote - very appropriate.

Argos_Employee said...

Good to you know you are ok

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% Detection rate - 46.4 % (Counting year April 08 )

Investigations - 129 | Crimes Solved- 53 | No Crime - 36
% Detection rate - 49.3 % (Counting year April 07 )