Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The beat ( II )

Today I spent back walking about.
Up and down, left and right.
It was cold it was wet it even snowed at one point.

Full length undergarments , long sleeve shirt, jumper & heavy trousers , rain jacket and the lovely yellow jacket to keep me warm, and the met vest. (I hope I don't have to run after anyone because I feel like the Michelin man!)

Today’s instruction is the start of road traffic offences and namely the fixed penalty system
The FPN.
Fixed penalty notice - Endorsable (E)
Fixed penalty notice - Non endorsable (N)
Fixed penalty notice - Parking ( P)

So with senior in hand we walk up to a stragitc point to observe and monitor a number of road traffic signs and roads.
After a few minutes our first of 12 "one way street "
To my mind there is no excuse for this on this particular stretch of road.
The driver has to turn against two no entry signs and navigate around a traffic chicane with a second two no entry signs and travel about 100 meters up this road to another T junction before a blind turn to where we waited.
We could observe vehicles turning onto the road from our vantage point and watch them approach, driver's clearly oblivious to the fact the old bill is just ahead with open arms

Now don’t get me wrong, It is on first glance a little unfair but then it becomes apparent that the people we are stopping are also excise tax dodgers, mobile phone users, no insurance and even on one occasion no driving licence full stop!

The FPN (E) costing £60 quid and 3 points on your licence,
and if you don't have a licence it is of to court for process.

[Today’s study - Theft (Amendment) Act 1996 )] - Still...

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