Friday, February 18, 2005

The beat

So the puppy walking begins proper, I am tasked to a senior officer (only 2 years!!) To be shown the ropes so to speak.
I spent the better half of the morning finding my way around the nick.
Custody suite, Interview rooms, CID and et al.
More importantly I found the bathroom, showers and the holy canteen.

It seems to me the majority of the paperwork in this job is done in the canteen,
furious scribbling between bites of bacon rolls, sausage and egg brekkie is clearly evident. Multitasking at its finest.

More introductions and picking up my locker keys & parking permit.

Then it’s out on the mean streets. Thankfully my boots are well broken in by the marching about in training college or I would have had sore feet by now.

4 hours with out a break getting to know the main roads at least and the major postcodes of the area around the station. My A-Z tucked in my back pocket getting well thumbed as I am asked directions to.

As I’m new the Station control room take little bit longer to respond to me on the radio, I take no offence by it they are a busy lot and once I have been a bit longer I am sure my name will be well known, Now is that infamy or a good thing. It remains to be seen.

My first incident a road traffic collision (They are termed collisions not accidents).This turn of events involve me now sending of a collision report to the area traffic division. Collection of CCTV in the area with the accompanying statements and a process book to report one of the drivers for various traffic offences.
All in all this takes me about another 4 hours to do.
What happened I hear you cry?

Car 1 was parked on double red lines. Driver of car 1 was a provisional licence holder driving unsupervised and with no L plates. Car 2 was driving along the road when Car 1 apparently pulled across the road to perform a U turn and Car 2 collided with the rear driver’s side of Car 1.

Lucky no one was injured. What happens now to the driver?

He will appear in court and no doubt I will and the other driver – sounds like a fun day out to me but then I don’t face getting banned or a fine.

Happy days.

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