Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Wanted on Warrant

This morning as part of my street duties course we went hunting :)

Yes we went knocking on the doors at
7am for people who are wanted on warrant for failing to appear at court (FTA)

It was most enjoyable.

Under these specific warrants it was a matter of knocking on the door of an address and speaking to the occupier and if the Identify off any person present was wanted on said warrant they were arrested and detained until the next court hearing which was
10am today :)

All on our list were those who were bailed from court and then subsequently failed to attend on a set date by the courts. The courts then issue a warrant for that person to appear before them.
This in turn is set aside for the street duties course and homebeat and ward officers to toddle along to jonnie bail hopper knock on his door and bring him in.

Moral of the story - Turn up for court.

Failure means the old bill turning up and taking you in and you never know what time the warrant will be executed.

[ Todays study -The Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) 1984 ]

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