Saturday, February 19, 2005

You're nicked son

ESD, Electronic screening device. This little baby comes in to play when ever a road traffic collision is attended by police. It also is used if you commit a moving traffic violation and the officer has reasonable cause to suspect you have been driving while under the influence of alcohol.

I used it today.

I was out in a panda as an operator (The dude in the front passenger seat with the map) when I saw a nice looking motor car breeze through a red traffic signal at a bit of speed, of course we followed and done our checks before stopping the aforementioned evil man on the road.

He was laddered. First he stalled the car when getting out of it and then proceeded to nearly kill him self by falling into the path of oncoming traffic. I could smell the alcohol from 6 feet away. He reeked of it. Of course I administer the ESD test and it went right to RED Instant fail.

So goes my first arrest.

Speed cuffs

What happened next was totally bizarre.

After failing the test the driver reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a small bottle of vodka that has no cap on it and tries to take another drink.

I of course stop him.

Some people need jail time before they kill others, or themself’s.

Oh and the paper work for this wasn’t all that bad !

[ Todays study - Theft (Amendment) Act 1996 ) ]


Bystander said...

So what was your man's EBM reading then?

thinblueline said...

Either unluckly for him or me in the paperworks stakes the EBM at the station was broke so its the blood option for him.

Stay tuned for hes back in 8 weeks for the result !

Bystander said...

The highest I have ever seen in court was 171 in breath. 22 Year old woman at 0930. She had hit the kerb and burst two tyres and was rummaging in the boot when a passer by called the police. I did not deal with the eventual sentence but it was one of those wgere we ordered full medical and psychological reports.

Investigations - 183 | Crimes Solved- 85 | No Crime - 47
% Detection rate - 46.4 % (Counting year April 08 )

Investigations - 129 | Crimes Solved- 53 | No Crime - 36
% Detection rate - 49.3 % (Counting year April 07 )