Saturday, February 26, 2005

VDRS, not quite an FPN.

Bystander posted a valid comment on my last blog about defects on motor vehicles and referred to VDRS (Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme.)

I though I might cover that here and what it was about for those who may not have encountered it and may have gotten off with 'words of advice' in the past.

If the defect is minor ( and there is a list ) the officer can offer the VDRS to the driver of the vehicle and if the driver accepts gets a nice little form listing the defect to get fixed within 14 days and sent the form back to the address on the rear stamped from a MOT testing station.

YES FOLKS the vehicle will have to be taken to a MOT testing station to have the vehicle examined or repaired before the defect notice can be removed. That means it cannot be done by your dodgey mate Dave from the pub.

The station will examine the vehicle and verify it has been repaired by stamping the document with the MOT embossing stamp and completing the form for you.

The Met police service (We are working together now for a safer London) operate the above scheme to ensure defects on vehicles are put right and has a bit of paperwork to it to show accountability.

The nice bit about this system is that it gives good old Joe public a chance to fix there defect whatever it may be (within the guidelines) and doesn’t end up in court wasting court time, fees, FTA warrants etc just for the good old magistrate to issue a fine, and often the defect doesn’t get fixed after a court attendance at least this system address that and the unnecessary burden on the courts.

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Best is giving 5 of them to non-kosher taxis. Its the "Get a different job" ticket...

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