Friday, February 18, 2005

Study !

Something I may have negleticed to mention. The S word.

Yes study. I thought I might have broken the back on the volume of study for this lifetime career but sadly it’s dawning on me that is far from the case.
I have 6 attendance training units of a week long each with an exam at the end.

Failure results in all manner of evils for the probationer.
Some of these include a formal warning on your record, an extension to your probation time and the dreaded of all evils a p45 (don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out)

You see, you spent the first two years as a probationer before you are affirmed in the role as constable, during those two years you are in essence a constable doing the job working away, however every thing you do is monitored, assessed and supervised.

Constant exams, reviews and reports. A folder of all your actions and incidences you deal with as well as my personal assessment of the incident and a review of it. That all gets checked by my line manager (A sergeant)

Who by the way adds his tuppance to that folder.

This is on top of the paperwork I do during the day.

So the books beckon the Theft Act 1968 in all its glory requires rereading tonight.

I have cookies and milk on stand by.

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