Sunday, February 27, 2005

Half a monkey.

Ouch, yesterday I dropped my bike of for its annual service and check up after the winter riding and there is a bit to do on the gal.

It looks like I bend the clutch lever when I dropped the bike and the break pads are down to 1mm! and woe of all woes a tooth is missing from the rear chain cam, again probably because of the snow.Bugger and damnation. The bill (ho ho) is looking like £250 quid.

Thankfully I am not back in to work until Thursday as the garage told me the bike will not be ready until Tuesday as the parts are on order.

So that leaves me with a few days in the house doing painting and decorating. Oh joy.

I would rather be in the pub to be honest.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I also sent my bike in for service... I managed to find a pin missing from the steering column that attaches the front fairing and speedos to the forks... Wondered why my bike was rattling..

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