Monday, February 28, 2005

Crap on the net

It is a shame there is no interweb cleanup services or

Some where you can report crap to and have it cleaned of the dusty cat5 cables and net packets
Some how remove crap like these sites

if junk sites like these are killed it would mean a faster net and a greener net in not wasting power in keeping junk like this.

I might just start a campain for a GREENER INTERWEB - by promting the removal of dusty crappy useless sites.... I might add my own to the list :)

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Lorenzo said...

There are several other blogging tools other than blogger that do have comment spam filters. Not sure if there is anything for blogger. I'm using a tool called Pivot but you have to have your own web space to run it on, but it has a thing called Pivot Blacklist and it totally eradicates spam postings.

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